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Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility
Corporate Social Responsibility

Since its establishment in 1994, Huayou Holding Group has adhered to the concept of innovation, coordination, openness and green development, and attached great importance to social responsibility governance inside the enterprise and sustainable development. It has always adhered to the belief of making friends all over the world while rooted in China, and practiced the investment philosophy of "making contributions to the local economic and social development, no matter where you invest". It is a strong performer for social responsibility construction of the industry.  Huayou has always practiced the responsibility concept of "harmony between production and ecology, unity of economic and social benefits", adheres to green development, and vigorously promotes energy conservation and consumption reduction, clean production, circular economy, and green manufacturing, to create an industry benchmark of resource conservation, environmental friendliness, and leading benefits; insists on sharing the benefits of development, cares and loves employees, comprehensively guarantees employee interests and rights, realizes mutual promotion between enterprise healthy development and employee value enhancement, and focuses on livelihood; actively devotes to social public welfare undertakings, and promotes the mutual improvement of the enterprise and the society during the performance of social responsibility. 

Headline FourThe Huayou project was announced for the first time


1. Name and outline of the construction project
Project name: Annual output of 400,000 tons of lithium battery ternary precursor linkage 50,000 tons of ternary material integration green intelligent manufacturing
Project nature: new
Construction unit: Zhejiang Huayou Lithium Battery Material Co., Ltd
Construction site: Tongxiang Economic Development Zone, west of Yingbin Avenue, south of Changshan River, north of Tangbei Road,
East of South Wenhua Road.
Total project investment: 20.136 billion yuan
Construction scale and main construction content: The project plans to acquire about 1545 acres of land in Tongxiang Economic Development Zone and build it
Set up production lines based on green refining, ternary precursors, ternary cathode materials, supporting construction of 110KV stations,
Water supply station, raw material warehouse, product warehouse, administrative center, incubator office building, R&D center, air separation
Stations, wharves, supporting public and auxiliary projects and other equipment and facilities have formed an annual output of 400,000 tons of lithium battery ternary precursor linkage of 50,000
Production capacity of tons of ternary materials.

2. Construction unit and contact information
Construction unit: Zhejiang Huayou Lithium Battery Material Co., Ltd
Contact: Mr. Zhang
Contact number: 15257299079
Mailing address: west of Yingbin Avenue, south of Changshan River, east of Wenhua South Road, Tongxiang Economic Development Zone
3. The unit preparing the environmental impact report and its contact information
Company Name: Zhejiang Environmental Technology Co., Ltd
Contact: Wu Gong
Tel: 0571-87998921
Mailing address: Building 3, No. 199, Lianchuang Street, Yuhang District, Hangzhou
4. Web link to the public comment form
The public comment form for the environmental impact assessment is shown in the attached table.
5. Ways and means of submitting public comment forms
In the process of preparing the draft environmental impact report, the public can raise the environmental impact to the construction unit
Comments related to impact evaluations.
Public comment form receiving email: 752203916@qq.com.
[Note]: The public is requested to provide as detailed contact information as possible while expressing comments for contact and feedback.




Announcement issued by: Zhejiang Huayou Lithium Battery Material Co., Ltd

Announcement date: November 1, 2022

Public Comment Form for Environmental Impact Assessment of Construction Projects

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